How You Can Make 2014 An Extraordinary Year

Joseph Janiczek provides a powerful 3-step
process to make your 2014 extraordinary.


What are you looking to do? How we can help.

Step 1: Select an Objective
Step 2: Review how we can help

The first step is to understand the root cause of your under-performance with clarity. Consider taking us up on our free consultation offer and we will conduct a complimentary portfolio analysis utilizing advanced diagnostic tools. Not only can we isolate the cause, but we can identify the corrective action that we believe will best address the problem.  If you live in the U.S. and your portfolio is $1 million +, click "more" to request a free consultation and portfolio review. More>>

We are experts at this very task. Frankly, the culmination of all of the elements of our system is achieving such a high level of financial security and independence, that you can maintain a desirable standard of living with no earned income. Our proprietary Lifestyle Protection Analysis™ is designed to back-test and stress-test your portfolios ability to achieve this objective. Click on "more" for details on our advanced tools to assist you in achieving this objective.

You are not alone. We believe 90%+ of financially successful individuals are greatly under-served by their current advisor or do-it-yourself approach. In fact, studies show that while 77.9% of financial advisors call themselves wealth managers, just 8.4% truly fit this description. Click on "more" to see our Comparison Checklist to identify all of the ways we can upgrade the support you receive.More>>

We are experts in providing such clarity.  In fact, we've designed proprietary tools like our Wealth Optimization Dashboard to help pinpoint strong, weak and vulnerable areas of our clients investment, retirement and wealth management plans. Click on "more" to learn about our 35 Essential Strengths and how our proprietary green (strength), yellow (weakness) and red (vulnerability) reporting tools assist in providing such clarity.More>>

We constantly monitor economic and investment conditions and adjust portfolios to be aligned with our assessment of opportunities and dangers.  If your portfolio is $1 million +, a free consultation with one of our advisors can help you begin to see where we think your portfolio needs the most "updating." Click on "more" for a complimentary copy of our Market Commentary to see how thoroughly we assess the current investment and economic environment.More>>

We have decades of experience in knowing what to do before, during and after such transition wealth events. Click on "more" to learn more about our Transition Wealth specialty.More>>

Then you are a great candidate for our services. Our Wealth with Ease® System makes the hard work of managing wealth less time-consuming and burdensome by providing you with a system, structure, discipline and support that does most of the work for you. We also have tips and tools to help you streamline bill paying, filing, tax compliance and other tasks. Click "more" to review the extensive list of services we provide in our service packages, all aimed at getting you results in the least amount of time and effort. The essence of Wealth with Ease® is simplicity.

Risk management is a core element of both our investment management and our retirement and financial planning.  Read our latest book,  Investing From a Position of Strength, to understand our extensive risk management capabilities.  Click on "more" to gain access to two free chapters online with our compliments.More>>

Our Complete Wealth Solution and Complete Legacy Solution service packages include a 23-point estate plan review. We have decades experience in helping clients understand and implement basic to advanced estate planning strategies. Frankly, we believe half of estate planning is a financial and personal exercise (what we do) and half is a legal exercise (what estate planning attorneys do). Start with our half, and we streamline the rest for you and your estate planning attorney. Many people avoid estate planning because they do not follow such a process or the process is led by an insurance agent seeking to sell a product. Click on "more" to learn how our Complete Wealth Solution integrates estate planning with investment, retirement, estate and tax planning (and no  biased insurance agent leading the process) - what we believe is a superior approach to other alternatives. More>>

Contact us to discuss details about our Peak Earning Stage specialty.  We have decades of experience and advanced tools for advising executives, professionals and business owners about maximizing the benefit they receive from such benefit plans. Click "more" to begin to learn more about our Peak Earning Stage specialty. More>>

Our Wealth with Ease® System is designed to serve sophisticated and unsophisticated clients. With the right system, structure, support and discipline supporting you and your surviving spouse and loved ones, you can have the peace of mind knowing that should something happen, they are well taken care of. Also, since we are fee-only and a fiduciary (we have to do what is in the best interest of the client) your spouse and loved ones have a nice level of protection from financial salespeople who may appear as advisors but who have divided interests. If you want what we believe is the ultimate solution to this concern, click on "more" for more information on our Complete Legacy Solution. More>>





Hello and welcome. Here are a few tid-bits about our firm to get you started on the right track:

  • Janiczek & Company, Ltd., has been named among the top, best and most exclusive wealth advisors in the nation multiple times.
  • We specialize in assisting people experiencing "life-changing liquidity events." This includes those:
    • selling highly appreciated businesses, 
    • liquidating highly appreciated real estate property
    • exercising stock options
    • recieving inheritances
    • transitioning to retirement
    • reciept of an "C-level" executive golden-handcuff package
    • divorce or legal settlements, etc.
    • the passing-away of a spouse who used to handle family finances 
  • We offer comprehensive investment portfolio management, retirement planning and advanced wealth management services to two segments of the above "life-changing liquidity event" investors:
    • high net worth investors (those with $1 million to $15 million portfolios);
    • ultra-high net worth investors (those with $15 million+ portfolios).
  • Our typical clients are: "financially fortunate individuals who want their financial resources and security professionally cared for by renowned experts they know and trust." 
  • A key way to describe our typical client's approach to wealth management: "savvy delegators."
  • We are unique in many ways, including having a proprietary, patent-pending Wealth with Ease® System that regularly measures, assesses and reports (in a simple green, yellow, red dashboard) each client's financial strengths, weaknesses and vulnerabilities...and most importantly...what to do about them so they are better-off into the future.
  • Over the last 25-years our founder (Joseph J. Janiczek) pioneered many tools and techniques for optimizing wealth, many of which are summarized in his award-winning book Absolute Financial Freedom and his new book Investing from a Position of Strength.
  • An analysis of our client base reveals tremendous client retention (with some relationships now spanning over two decades and our average current client relationships presently spanning 8.9 years). 

Compare our expert, fee-only services to what you receive today and you will see why we have been named among the top, best and most exclusive wealth advisors in the nation multiple times.

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